The Houston Needs A Swimming Hole Team is:

Monte Large, Jeff Kaplan, Evan O'Neil, Juliet Page, Chris Knapp,
Zane Segal, Patti Joiner, Joe Ross, and David Acker.




Forget the Eiffel Tower, Empire State Building, or the Sears Tower. These are wonderful yet outdated symbols of what make great cities. Though each of these has successfully become a symbol and attraction, none creates such dynamic social space as parks. Water goes a step even further. Barton Springs, the fountains at Millennium Park in Chicago,  and even the pool atop the Marina Sands Hotel in Singapore–  each of these has transformed its surroundings and created a level of quality-of-life that reaches far beyond the square footage they occupy. Cities are evolving.  Parks are evolving.  The towering symbols that once were the envy of every city have given way to quality of life amenities that address people and the environment.  Examples are Millennium Park in Chicago, Gardens by the Bay in Singapore, and the plethora of new parks along the once-overlooked and polluted waterfront in New York City. Houston is undertaking its own efforts to become a better place to live and visit through its parks. Buffalo Bayou Park, Discovery Green, Hermann Park, Memorial Park, plus the network of parks along the city’s bayous, etc. Each of these will help transform Houston into a friendlier place to live and visit. A large, centrally-located, beautifully designed swimming hole would put an exclamation point on all these efforts and highlight the new era for Houston.